Mojo Monday: Inner Peace

This is the first of a 3-part series about mojo bags, their uses and what to put in them.

Mojo bags are “spells in a bag” or (if you prefer) “prayers in a bag.”  The contents are meant to focus on a specific wish or intent, like inviting love into your life or encouraging financial success.

Mojo bags have a deep history in African American culture in the south, particularly with respect to the practice of hoodoo and voodoo.

But the use of mojo bags have been adopted and adapted by many different spiritual traditions in the US.  We will talk about a variety of mojo bags, including both traditional bags and modern or eclectic spiritual bags.

Today, let’s focus on a bag with blended symbolism.


The focus of this bag is relaxation and peace.

I designed it to aid a friend with her meditation practice.  But you could use something like this for all kinds of purposes.  Carry it with you to a potentially stressful meeting or to the dentist or when you have to make a speech you’re nervous about, or anywhere where you need to calm your nerves.

Let’s look at what’s in this bag, and what each component means.

The first thing I did was choose a fabric.  I picked this one because of the graceful lines, which I found soothing, and the beautiful indigo color, which is the color of calm and peace.


I included a piece of lapis lazuli.  This is one of my favorite gem stones ever!  It’s unmistakably tranquil and harmonious.


I also threw in some chamomile, which, as any tea drinker knows, has a deeply calming scent.


I also included a sea shell.  The element of water is know for its tendency to “smooth over” rough emotional turmoil.


Once you have your ingredients assembled, simply gather them in the cloth and tie it off.  No sew!


I tied it off with this Om charm, which is an Eastern symbol of inner harmony.

inner peace mojo bags

And that’s it!  Just a few simple ingredients, but chosen with intent and meaning.  Even as I hold this bag in my hand now, I can feel myself relax.
If you’d like to try it, spend some time this week thinking about something you need help with in your daily life (confidence?  deeper sleep?) and about what symbols might be appropriate.

And I’ll see you next Monday for another Mojo Monday post!

Next Monday:  Romance and Attraction Mojo


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