Potion Making: A Mini Course by Moody Moons

Magical Potion Making Mini Course

Ignite your imagination and infuse your spell craft with this freshly creative approach to potion making.

Rediscover the lost art of blending oils, herbs and water to create magical brews.

Today, Moody Moons School of Metaphysical Arts launches Potion Making:  A Mini Course.

Let us inspire you to create a more magical life.

How to make potions for use magic, spells and witchcraft.

Elevating Your Craft 

You probably already make potions—whether you know it or not.

Every time you brew a cup of tea to settle in for the night, blend essential oils to create a sense of calm or toss together herbs in a slow-cooker, you make potions.

This course is about capturing the essence of those every day practices and making them a magical experience.

Turn everything from your bathwater to your mop bucket into a mystical concoction to tune the energies in your home and in your life.

Potion Making Concepts & Techniques

In Moody Moon’s School of Metaphysical Arts latest course, you will learn to draw on your experience and creative energy to blend potions from scratch.

*Understand the foundation of building a good potion.

*Learn the difference between tinctures, infusions and brews, and the advantages of each in spell craft.

*Make the most of the herbs and oils you already keep on hand.

*Build complexity and beauty into your spell work by creating customized potions specific to your purposes.

Other Courses for Your Consideration

Moody Moons School of Metaphysical Arts launched in 2021 with a mission to make high-quality courses in spell craft, herbalism and natural living.

Currently, we also offer:

Witchcraft 101:  Discover the Magic in You

From the history of witchcraft to the basics of spell casting, this elegantly designed course covers everything you need to know to build a solid foundation for your magical practice.

Magical Herbalism Beginner Certification

For thousands of years, mystical traditions around the world recognized the power of herbs to restore balance and connect with the invisible forces of the spiritual world. Learn to harness this powerful energy to create a richer, more ethereal life.

Tarot Reading Certification:  From Beginner to Pro

This tarot reading class will take you from beginner to pro.

This class is designed to take you from total beginner to fluent reader.

You will learn:

-All the cards in a standard deck from the Major and Minor Arcanas.

-Basic spreads.


-Choosing and maintaining tarot decks.

-How to get started in the tarot business.

-Where to find clients.

High Priestess Certification

Looking to start a coven or moon circle of your own?

Get certified as a high priestess and learn:

-Basic circle casting.

-How to manage the group dynamics of a cooperative spiritual practice.

-Your ethical duties and obligations.

-How to officiate handfasting and pagan weddings.

-Officiating baby blessings and birth.

-Spiritual counseling.

-What 501c status is, and why it might be worth it.

Coming Soon . . .

Excited about what’s coming next for Moody Moons classes?

We are, too!  Look forward to the following upcoming classes:

Candle Making for Spell Craft:  A Mini Course

Learn to make candles infused with the power and energy of magic.

By the end of this class, you’ll know exactly:

-How to choose a wax for any spell.

-The basics of natural spell additives, like gemstones, herbs and oils.

-Choosing molds and shapes for your spell’s purpose.

-Using natural colors and dyes to incorporate color magic.


  1. I love your site, so much information. I actually have a question though. A friend/sister witch gave me a silver and CZ evil eye ring that she had worn in the past. I was wondering, is it a faux pas to magically cleanse the ring before I wear it? I know you should always cleanse a new magical item, but are magical gifts under different rules? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Blessed Be!

    1. Hi Philenia,

      Personally, I think you should cleanse whatever you want to. It’s always nice to have fresh energy, especially on an object you plan to wear on your person.

      Don’t worry about “rules.” The nice thing about an independent spiritual practice is that you get to live by your own rules.

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