5 Books to Add Your Witchy Summer Reading List (Or Not?)

Already looking forward to some lazy days by the pool with a selection from your witchy summer reading list?  We scoured libraries, new releases, and old favorites to bring you these magical reads for your mystical library.

From a light, quick read on the art of tarot to a summer escape into Alice Hoffman’s fictional world of magic, we have a little something for everyone.  

We’ll tell you why we liked each one.  And why (or why not) it’s worth adding to your witchy summer reading list.

PLEASE NOTE:  All the books here were hand-selected according to our expertise and specifically with our readers in mind.  We received no review copies or compensation directly from the publishers for the selections on this list.  The following passage contains affiliate links.

For the creative witch.

Mystical Stitches:  Embroidery for Personal Empowerment and Magical Embellishment tops our list.  It’s got a 5-star rating out of almost 700 reviews on Amazon for a reason.  If you’re a crafty witch (or you want to be), this one is for you!

Whether you’ve never embroidered anything in your whole life or you’ve been going blind stitching those little x’s for decades, you’re in for a treat.  The designer’s ideas are a fresh, exciting magical perspective on embroidery and a fun way to spend a lazy day on a blanket outside.

Pick this one up if:  You love spending long hours crafting by yourself and need some fresh ideas to inspire you.

Skip it if:  You’re short on time—most of these projects are pretty in-depth.

For the fantasy-fiction-loving witch.

The Book of Magic:  A Novel by Alice Hoffman is a surprisingly lovely read.

You may remember Alice Hoffman as the writer of the classic work of magical fiction, Practical Magick, which was later turned into a campy-yet-charming Sandra Bullock movie.

This isn’t a work of literary mastery—-we think it’s fair to say that this genre lacks anything that could be called masterful.  But if there is such thing as a classic in the genre of magical fiction, Alice Hoffman has produced a few, and this is one of them.

Pick it up if:  You want a little light reading by the pool with a magical twist.

Skip it:  You prefer your literature high-brow and intense.

For the science-y witch.

There was a debate about whether or not to include The Magick of Physics by Felix Flicker on our list.  It’s not really a book about magic (as the name suggests).  Or even a mystical take on science (which we generally view with skepticism, anyway).

It’s actually an academic book about the most mysterious aspects of physics, and it is a magical read.  

We include it here because it’s an especially appealing take on science for lovers of fantasy writing.  You’ll just have to take our word on that and read it to find out why.

Pick it up if:  You love both science and fantasy fiction.

Skip it if:  You hate either one.

For the teen witch.

Young Oracle Tarot:  An Initiation Into Tarot’s Mystic Wisdom by Suki Ferguson & Ana Novaes is a visually indulgent introduction to the cards.

Uniquely illustrated & beautifully bound, this book is a light, quick read.  Perfect for teens or even upper elementary school students interested in learning the cards.

Buy it for your teen witch and steal it back when she’s done with it.  Especially if you’ve never read the cards before.  It presents the tarot in an extremely accessible way that anyone can follow.

Pick it up if:  You have a budding witchlette in the preteen to teenage years or you want an easy introduction to the tarot yourself.

Skip it if:  You’re an old hand at the cards and want something more challenging.

For the birthday witch.

Calling all summer babies!  (Also, fall, winter, and spring—this one is for everyone, really).  The Magick of Birthdays by Hannah Hawthorne is a delightful collection of spells and rituals to help you make your own personal trip around the sun a truly magical experience.

Accessible and written in a friendly tone.  Loaded with ideas to celebrate your unique star signature.  Much of the information here will be familiar to the seasoned witch.  Yet it includes some surprisingly deep insight into birth charts and other astrological ideas that you won’t likely find in a typical 101 book.

Pick it up if:  You want to know more about your own astrological sign and how to celebrate your birthday in a magical way.

Skip it if:  You prefer your magic minus the “new-age woo-woo.”

Hope you enjoyed this year’s witchy summer reading list.  Look forward to our next one in the fall!

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  1. The Book of Shadows, a tome of ancient might,
    In Witchcraft’s lore, it holds its sacred light.
    A grimoire penned by practitioners wise,
    With wisdom vast, that time doth not disguise.

    Within its pages, mysteries are laid,
    The ancient arts, by which the craft is made.
    Spells, rituals, and wisdom’s sacred art,
    Recorded with care, to ignite the heart.
    The Goddess’ guidance and the God’s embrace,
    Inscribed within, for every seeker’s grace.

    In this enchanted book, the path unfolds,
    The seeker’s journey, as it is foretold.
    Each step, each trial, and each embrace,
    Chronicled with ink, upon its grace.
    The trials faced, the lessons learned,
    Within its leaves, the truth discerned.

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