Imbolc Magical House Cleaning

Jump start spring with this magical house cleansing ritual for Imbolc.

Your home is your base from which to launch your dreams as well as retreat from the world.  Try this magical house cleaning ritual to infuse it with positive vibes and carry this energy of light into the rest of your life wherever you go.

Imbolc is a traditional time of year for magical house cleaning.  Home cleansing rituals clear away residual energy from time spent in the home during the cold winter months and refresh your living space for the coming spring.  

Magical house cleaning sets the tone for a new start.  Try it this year and watch what a huge difference it makes in your next few months.

Start with a mundane cleaning.

Dirt, grime, and clutter don’t just make living in your home less organized.

They also weigh down your spiritual energy.

Cleaning your house from top to bottom is the first step. 

-Go room by room to purge unwanted or unused items and make a donation to your local thrift store.

-Deep clean furniture. 

-Dust, sweep, and vacuum in all the nooks and crannies.

-Clean out pantries, drawers, and cabinets.

-Pay special attention to your ritual supplies.  Clear off your altar and wipe down tools.  Get rid of any old herbs or supplies that are either past their expiration or no longer useful.

Make an all-purpose magical cleaning solution.

Get a clean, empty spray bottle.

Fill it with 

-1 part vinegar

-4 parts spring water

-5-8 drops (affiliate link—->) lemon essential oil 

-6-10 drops (affiliate link—–>) cedar essential oil

For extra credit, plop a clear quartz crystal or other crystal of your choice in the bottom to charge the water with good vibes.

Then, use your magical cleaning solution to wipe down countertops, your altar, and other surfaces in your home.  As you wipe them down, imagine you are wiping away old psychic muck, dated outlooks on your life, and other psychic contaminants in your home.

Do an energy clearing.

Once you’ve cleared away the literal and psychic dirt in your home, it’s time to seal your efforts with a ritual energy clearing.

In a cauldron or fire-safe bowl, light a charcoal disk (the kind used to burn loose incense or shisha).  Sprinkle a few pieces of energy-clearing herbs or spices.  Dried cinnamon bark or rosemary works well this time of year.

Walk around the perimeter of your home to smoke out any remaining negative energy.

Light it up.

Imbolc is all about welcoming back the light after the darkest and coldest months of the year.

Candles are a key symbol during this holiday.  Especially white candles, which symbolize the snowfall, as well as purity & hope.

Decorate your altar with hand-foraged greenery from your yard or surrounding landscape.

Adorn it with white candles (as many as you like!) and light them up.

Then, have a seat in front of your altar and close your eyes.  Feel the warmth of the candlelight.  Imagine it absorbing into your skin and driving out any sense of darkness.  Absorb the light and imagine that you are being charged by it as a battery would be charged by an energy source.

Happy Imbolc!

Imbolc magical home cleansing to refresh the energy in your house for the coming spring.

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