What is Your Spellcasting Style and Why Does It Matter?

What is your spellcasting style?

What is your spellcasting style?

Experienced witches and newbies alike both benefit from understanding which approaches to spellcasting suits them, and how to adjust them to their needs.

In the Craft, we talk a lot about tools, energy, and symbols.  We make much of “imparting your personal energy” and “creating magic that means something to you.”

But we rarely discuss exactly how to develop a personal style and why it matters.

Benefits of developing a personal style as a witch.

I am a firm believer that the Craft is, at its heart, an artform.  The skill and nuance essential to the practice of magic are as unique as the witch herself.

But instead of producing a painting, or a piece of music, the goal is to produce a shift in your energy and your relationship with the Universe.

Developing a personal style as a witch is, in many ways, the central path to creating magic.  The art is in how you walk it.

What is a spellcasting style?

Wait, what are we talking about here?

A spellcasting style is an approach you tend to take when creating magic, whether you are following someone else’s spell, or you’re writing your own spell.

There are an infinite number of ways to classify styles of the Craft, but the categories below apply broadly, and most people fall into at least one.

More likely, you fall into more than one category.  This overlap is what makes you unique.  Consciously try to integrate whichever styles appeal to you the most to create a practice that’s totally you.

The Minimalist Witch

The minimalist witch casts spells with few or no tools. 

You might be a minimalist witch if:

-You tend to have a very neat, uncluttered altar.

-You generally employ mindfulness and enchantment in your spellcasting.

-Your local occult shop serves as a place for you to meet people and take classes, but not so much to buy things.

-Using mindfulness in spellcraft appeals to you.

Make the most of this style by:

-Developing your meditation skills.

-Building a vocabulary of magical words.

-Developing practices that involve going outside, such as earthing and going for witchy nature walks.

Back To The Roots Witch

The “back to the roots” witch emphasizes her heritage in her Craft.

You might be a back-to-the-roots witch if:

-Family history fascinates you.

-You enjoy wearing or making clothing, displaying art, or studying the history of your cultural background.

-You know well the folk magic traditions of your ancestors.

Make the most of this style by:

-Experiencing your culture directly in any way possible.

-Incorporating the magic of your ancestors in your practice wherever appropriate.

-Designing a sacred space that incorporates elements of your heritage.

The Social Witch

The social witch places a strong emphasis on communal rituals.  She advances her Craft by working with, teaching, and learning from others.  

You might be a social witch if:

-You enjoy celebrating your holidays (full moons, Sabbats, ect) with others.

-Hosting group rituals is more fun than stressful for you.

-You feel a yearning to connect with like-minded others.

Make the most of this style by:

-If you’re experienced in the Craft, consider becoming a high priestess.

-If you’re new to the Craft, find a moon circle or coven to work with.

-Attend festivals and events for witches and make a point of making friends.

The Craft-y Witch

The craft-y witch likes to use her talents to make things for spells and rituals.

You might be a craft-y witch if:

-Your craft supplies started out as a drawer, grew to a dresser, and eventually took over an entire room in your house.

-Most of the items you use you made yourself.

-Creating something by hand brings you more joy than frustration.

-You believe that the things you make by hand are the most useful in spellcasting.

Make the most of this style by:

-Consider opening an Etsy shop for ritual supplies.  

-Survey your talents (sewing, pottery, photography, whatever) and brainstorm ways to incorporate them into your spellcasting.

-Consider taking a class in art magic.

The Historical Witch.

The historical witch finds meaning in spells from ancient or historical texts.  She may or may not be a reconstructionist

You might be a craft-y witch if:

-History was your favorite subject in school.

-You’ve researched and cast spells from historical sources.

-You tend to find credibility in spells with a long tradition tied to them.

Make the most of this style by:

-Learning as much about the context of historical spells before casting them.

-Consider making a “pilgrimage” to a historical site related to the historical spells that most interest you.

-Connecting with a historian or scholar who knows the kind of magic you’re interested in well.

-If you can find them and they are affordable, try experimenting with antique tools or objects from the historical period of your focus.

What is your spellcasting style? Develop your unique style in the Craft for more personalized spells and rituals.

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