In the Stars: Your Celestial Forecast (November 2020)

November Celestial F

What’s in the stars this November?   I asked a professional astrologer to share with us her celestial forecast for the upcoming month.

Find out when Mercury finally ends retrograde, the best time to cast a love spell and when the stars align for a ritual energy clearing.

Bye, Bye Mercury in Retrograde!

Looking at this upcoming month through an astrological lens, we can gain better understanding at the subtle forces at play for the month ahead.

Mercury will end its retrograde on November 4th.

Then, it enters the sign Scorpion November 10th. Mercury is the planet of communication, and with it being in the mysterious sign of Scorpio, communication may seem secretive.

Focus on deepening your intuition at this time to help with this placement.

Just after Mercury ends its retrograde, Mars will end its retrograde and become direct again on November 14th. With it now being direct in Aries, its ruling sign, take charge in new projects and endeavors. What are goals you wish to achieve? With Mars in this placement, it is a great time to start these.

Out with the old, in with the new.

On November 15th, we will have a New Moon in Scorpio. New moons are a great time for setting intentions for new projects and endeavors. With this new moon being in Scorpio, it is good to focus on intentions revolving some major transformations.

With Scorpios energy of death, transformation, and rebirth, allow yourself to shed old habits, beliefs, and patterns in your life so you can bring in new energies that better align with your goals and dreams.

Consider a ritual energy clearing to cast off old doubts and negative thinking.

Later in the month, the sun will exit Scorpio and enter Sagittarius on November 21st.

During this month, expect a lighter energy, as Sagittarius is full of joy and optimism. It is also a month to expand your knowledge in your areas of interest, as Sagittarius is the truth seeker and philosopher of the zodiac. Sagittarius is also the sign of travel, so enjoy trips, even if it is going to visit family for the holidays.

Looking for love?

The following day, Venus will enter Scorpio on November 22nd. Venus is the planet of love and beauty and with its position in Scorpio, the sign of death and transformation, expect shifts and changes in how you view love.

This can be the love you have for relationships, friendships, or yourself. Perhaps this is being attracted to a whole new type of person, or what you value in your relationships.

Ritually, it’s a great time to work with Aphrodite or indulge in an attraction bath spell.

At the end of the month, on November 30th, there is a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. Full moons mark completion, releases, and endings. With this full moon being in Gemini, an air based sign, look to release aspects of old thought patterns and ways of communication.

November is an intense month of astrological changes. Let them guide you in your journey, and see you in December!

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