Moody Moons Handmade Gets Ready for Lammas

Lammas ritual oil for Lughnasadh and the harvest festivals.

As the fields of wheat reflect the last of the summer light, the first harvest festival nears.

In honor of the sacred season of Lammas, Moody Moons Handmade is debuting 5 new items this month.

Take a look and be inspired.

From brand new essential oil blends to hand-picked vintage chalices, now is the season to treat yourself!

Lammas Oil

Moody Moon’s 2019 Lammas oil is hand-blended with essential oils and steeped in a base of high-quality virgin olive oil.

Invite the aroma of warm afternoons in the sun into your ritual space.  Perfect for use in Lammas rituals or for the coming harvest moons!

Royal Purple Dream Pillow

Hand-sewn and stuffed with sleepy herbs like lavender, mint and chamomile, this dream pillow smells as beautiful as it looks.

Elegant twist bow design adorns the front.  Pillow is approximately 6″ x 4″.

Moody Moons handmade royal purple dream pillow.

Deep purple dream pillow with lavender, chamomile and mint.

Celtic Witch Loose Incense Blend

Blended with herbs, flowers, berries and oils chosen especially for their sacredness to Celtic witchcraft, use this loose incense blend when calling on the goddesses of the Celtic pantheon.

Perfect for burning during the Celtic holidays or to bless the hearth fire as the light wanes into autumn.

Celtic witch natural loose incense blend.

Celtic witch floral loose incense blend.

Vintage Chalices

I’m always on the hunt for high-quality vintage chalices!  They add a touch of grandeur to any ritual space.

Get them while they’re listed, because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Vintage ritual chalice.

Earth Oil

Ground and center with this ritual earth oil.  Hand-blended with rich, earthy essential oils and steeped in an olive oil base.

It also makes a perfect gift for the Earth sign in your life!

Element of Earth ritual oil for grounding and centering.

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