New Summer Items at Moody Moons Handmade

Plan a magical summer and pick something up from Moody Moon’s Handmade on Etsy.

Fresh from the workshop!

Lunar Goddess Incense

Goddess of the Moon magickal incense blend.

This Lunar Goddess Incense makes a perfect gift to a new member of your coven, a witchy friend or yourself.

Draw down the energy of the moon with this colorful blend of herbs, flowers and barks chosen especially for their association with the Goddess of the Moon.

Add it sachets for bathwater, mix it in with spell bags or burn it on a charcoal disk during your moon rituals.

Smudge Wands by Intention

Moody Moon’s best-selling line of smudge wands just got expanded.

Choose from 5 new wands crafted by intention.  Choose from:






Buy one for yourself, and one for a friend!

White Magic Loose Incense

For the dedicated white witch, try this White Magick Loose Incense.

Draw peace into your ritual space, encourage positive vibrations and awaken compassion in your circle.

This blend has a lovely, lightly floral aroma of natural essential oils, dried flowers and herbs.

Burn it on a charcoal disk outdoors during the summer months.  Make a wish on the smoke, and allow it to be carried into the sky!

Lammas Incense

Lammas Loose Incense Blend for Lughnasadh

Moody Moon’s 2019 Lammas incense is now available!

Newly blended from herbs, oils and flowers sacred to the Lammas season.

Handmade Ritual Besoms

You may recall my recent post on how to make your own besom.

But if you’re not the crafty type, I’ll be happy to make one for you.

These charming mini, besom style brooms come in sizes from 6″ to 12″.  Choose from a goddess, pentacle or moon charm.

They are small, lightweight, and perfect for a summer travel altar.

If you’re living in the broom closet, or don’t want the people you live with to know you practice, small ritual items like these make maintaining a downsized ritual space easy yet authentically yours.

French Rose and Queen Anne’s Lace Floral Smudge

French rose and Queen Anne's lace floral smudge wand.  Perfect for handfastings, love spells and summer moons/Sabbats.

It’s so pretty, right?

This floral smudge wand is perfect for handfasting, love spells, summer moons and Sabbats.

Hand-rolled with wild juniper and Queen Anne’s lace, then woven with french rose.  Beautiful.

Bubble Frame Scrying Mirror

Miniature scrying mirror for travel altars. Rhinestone frame and pop-out prop for easy use on an altar top.

Get this one while it lasts!  It’s the only one in stock, so if you want it, grab it before someone else does!

This miniature scrying mirror features a bubbly rhinestone frame with a pop-out prop in the back for easy use on an altar top, or to hang on the wall.



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