Keep Calm & Heal Your Wrong Tarot Spread

The ability to recognize your own wrongdoing and the desire to make it right takes a profound spiritual maturity that I believe most people strive for in our day-to-day lives.

Not all damage can be undone, but owning up to our own shortcomings always results in growth as a person.

Use the spread below to identify the exact nature of your wrong, your motives, how to heal the damage and how to become a better person on the other side.

keep calm and heal your wrong


tarot spread healing positions

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If you have a choice of decks, select something that feels healing or at least impartial to you.  After all, when you make a mistake, the last thing you need is to feel judged.

Blue Angel Publishing recently sent me a complimentary copy of the wildly colorful deck, Whispers of Healing.   It instantly occurred to me to feature it for this spread.  This deck focuses on inner healing as a primary theme, which fits perfectly.

Position 1:  The Fundamental Problem.   This card symbolizes the foundational crack in your spiritual “house.”  For example, drawing The Devil in a standard deck here may indicate you exploited someone to feed an addiction.   Taking a moment to reflect on root cause of your actions goes a long way to healing the damage you did to yourself, which is the first step in healing situation overall.

Position 2:  What Area of Your Life Was Most Effected (Besides the Obvious)?  Any action casts a natural “ripple” effect.  Did this ripple effect touch your job, relationships or health the most?  What area of your own life needs the most healing?

Position 3:  How Did My Choice Effect Someone Else?  Perhaps the hardest part of taking responsibility for our actions is recognizing the impact they had on others.  But understanding and finding empathy for those we hurt, even if they remain angry with us, paves our way directly to the best path forward, no matter the outcome.

Position 4:  The Choice You Face Now.  Whenever we do something that results in undesired consequence, a choice about how to handle the fallout presents itself.  Look to this card for what your options are now, and consider them carefully.

Position 5:  What’s Standing in the Way of Right.  We usually know the right thing to do.  Doing it often proves the most challenging.  What’s standing in the way of the right thing for you right now?  Pride?  Fear?  Self-Doubt?  Search this card for a deeper understanding of why the right choice may not be the easy one.

Position 6:  Where to Go From Here.  This card symbolizes your best next move.  Play it well!   Use your skills in the Craft, your intuition and your basic common sense to turn an “Oops!” into a positive.

Position 7:  What to Watch Out for Next Time.  We all make mistakes.  We are meant to make them.  They teach us the lessons worth learning in this life.  This card represents the warning sign that will signal a repeat of the cycle.  But knowing what it is empowers us to see a trap for what it is next time.


  1. Love this spread, it’s definitely one I can see being of service when we need to understand how our choices may have impacted upon others and consequently how we can seek to learn from the events. Also love your choice of tarot deck too! xXx

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