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Here in beautiful Northern Virginia, summer abounds.  That means Moody Moons is fully stocked with fresh picks from full-sized smudge wands to “newly minted” botanical body care items.

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huge smudge stick

This giant 13″ smudge stick is perfect for group rituals, outdoor rituals and even handfasting ceremonies.

Anointed with 100% organic essential oils chosen for their ritual potency.

Made of Eastern Red Cedar (sometimes called “Virginia Juniper”), this herb is still used in authentic Native American ceremonies today in tribes all over the north east.

The wood from Eastern Red Cedar was also used by native tribes to mark hunting territories and is the origin of the name Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Store this in your closet—as an added bonus, it repels moths!

harvest smudge 1 smaller

Harvest festival smudge rolled with herbs, resins, oils and barks sacred to the harvest festivals Lammas, Mabon & Samhain.

As the copper colors of the late summer and early Fall sun begin to cool, it is time to turn our attention to the splendors of the harvest season.

Include this gorgeous, detailed smudge stick in your harvest rituals this year to add a touch of elegance.

Lovely for use in autumn handfastings or baby showers as well. Smells amazing!

Bound with 100% natural twine.

divination oil 1

Blended with 100% pure organic essential oils and steeped in an olive oil base, this beautiful, vintage-feeling bottle of sacred divination oil awakens the senses and brings the mind into focus

The “dark moon” phase of the lunar cycle provides an ideal atmosphere for peering into otherworldly affairs through the window of divination.

This oil is perfect for reading tarot, runes, tea leaves, scrying mirrors or other divination tools.

Use it during the dark moon phase to anoint your divination tools, burn it during your meditations on deep spiritual matters or to usher in a sense of clarity in chaos.

mint chocolate facial scrub

Sinfully indulgent yet refreshing, Moody Moon’s Artisan Mint Chocolate Facial Scrub is made of wholesome, natural ingredients, like pure organic coconut oil, old-fashioned baking soda, peppermint essential oil and, of course, chocolate!

This scrub includes both fine and larger grounds for a complete scrub and a light microdermabrasian that leaves skin polished and glowing.

Absolutely no artificial ingredients! You can literally eat this stuff.

large floral smudge corrected

large floral smudge 2smaller

Huge, artisan quality, handmade floral smudge stick weaves local wildflowers with Eastern Red Cedar and 100% pure, organic essential oils.

A stunning addition to any handfasting ceremony, wiccan baby shower, Sabbat or spring/summer ritual.

About 12”.

Please note: Because this smudge is crafted locally, flowers vary according to season.

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