1. Your altar looks gorgeous! Can I ask what the plant to the right of the tarot cards is? It looks vaguely familiar.

  2. I like your altar and I notice different kinds. My question is when one setting up an altar and how to do it? Thanks.

    1. You’re right! There’s lots of altars!

      The first thing to ask yourself is what your altar for. Is it a seasonal altar to celebrate The Wheel of the Year? In that case, start with a nature walk, or just go to your garden for inspiration. Seasonal herbs, fruits and grasses are nice this time of year.

      Or, maybe you’re a sea witch and you’d like to dedicate an altar to Element of Water. Seashells, bottles of ocean water, sand, ect are all my go-to items.

      If you are dedicating your altar to a diety, do some research and find out what offerings to lay out.

      I love altars because they are a perfect outlet for spiritual creativity and expression! If you want more ideas, check out this link for photos many of all my altars over the last few years:


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