Wolf Moon Ritual

Several years ago, my dog started going bonkers.  Running around the house, making a noise that sounded like something in between outraged barking, mournful howling and a bizarre, guttural growl.

I’d heard of animals losing their marbles during the full moon, but I filed it away under “Old Wive’s Tales”—-a strange thing for a witch to do, considering how much stock we tend to put in old wive’s tales, and particularly when they feature the moon.

That night just happened to be the Wolf Moon, and while the rational parts of me still insist on the purely coincidental nature of my dog’s odd behavior, the less rational side of me believes she clearly responded to the energy of that moon.  Her moon.

I am able to say without a doubt, I never saw her act that way before, and I haven’t seen it since.

Either way, with the Wolf Moon approaching in just a couple of days, that incident inspired me to honor our canine friends and familiars with this simple moon ritual for protection.


You will need:

*hair of a dog (black is preferred, but any will do)
*a pinch of rosemary or other protective evergreen
*a piece of hematite
*a black drawstring pouch
*altar candle

On the night of the full moon, gather your ingredients and choose a place to cast your circle.  By the hearth fire is nice this time of year, or, if you’re feeling brave, bundle up and venture out!

Once your circle is cast in the usual way, light your altar candle and place the spell ingredients in the bag.

Take some time to focus on whatever fears you are confronting right now.

Alternatively, if you’d like to make your mojo bag a protection amulet for your dog, focus on dispelling negative energy away from him or her.

Imagine a protective energy surrounding you both, and concentrate that protective energy on your mojo bag.

Extinguish your candle, close the circle, and leave your mojo bag to charge in the light of the full moon.

Place the charm on your rear view mirror, over your dog’s sleeping area or carry it with you for peace and protection.

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