How to Make Florida Water

how to make florida water

Wait.  What’s Florida Water?

Florida water is a traditional American cologne water recipe adopted by southern practitioners of the hoodoo and voodoo tradition to cleanse the home and use in ritual.

You can put it in a spray bottle as a spiritual “disinfectant,” anoint doors and windows with it, use it in place of holy water or pour it into a bowl and place it on the altar for offering.

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of recipes for florida water.

Rather than give you a straight up recipe, I’ll show you how to customize it according to what you have on hand.

Despite the name, it is not a water-based potion.

Most people use vodka to steep the herbs and flowers.

I recommend the cheap stuff.  As cheap as you can get.  Bottom shelf.  I’ve tried top-shelf vodka to make this, and it’s just a waste of top-shelf vodka.  In my opinion, it really doesn’t make much difference in the final result.

Choose at least two items from each group:

Aromatic greens:
4 parts fresh mint
4 parts fresh basil
4 parts fresh rosemary

3 parts rose petals (fresh)
3 parts jasmine (dried or fresh)
3 parts lavender (dried)

2 parts lemon peel
2 parts orange peel
2 parts lime peel

1 part allspice berries
1 part cinnamon sticks
1 part cloves

Put the vodka on low heat.  Add the dry ingredients and allow them to simmer for 5-10 minutes.  Add the remaining ingredients.  Simmer on low for an addition 40 minutes.

And there you have it!  Blessed be!

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  1. OK – I tried this recipe but I’m a little disturbed by its appearance – more like pond water than river water – perhaps I simmered it too long? Also, is simmering required? Will the spell work if the ingredients are soaked in the vodka over time, rather than heat applied?

    1. Which version of the recipe did you try?

      Yes, a brownish tint is normal. That’s how mine always turns out.

      You can just soak it in vodka for a month or so with no heat, but it will still look like that.

      As for whether or not a spel “works”—that’s more about you that the ingredients.

      Blessed be!

      1. Thank you. I may try soaking next (since I have plenty now and can take the time to soak). My question regarding efficacy was actually about the element of fire present in the creation – if it is not necessary, that’s all good as well. Prior to making it myself, all Florida Water I have seen was clear-ish. Why, do you suppose? (I cannot figure it out, and it’s kinda bugging me. 😉 )

        1. There are so many versions of Florida water. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen any two the same! If you use vodka and pure essential oil instead of an infusion, it should be clear, but most infusions are going to have color, kind of like tea.

          Blessed be!

    2. I’m getting back into my craft standing me get river water can I just buy spring water becauseWhere I live here in Michigan and the water is polluted so I’m just gonna buy Springwater since the water here in Michigan is polluted air I am very deep in the spirit of oil can I use this wish job for the spiritual world

  2. The reason for the Brown cast is the Earth itself if you want clear Florida water you can use essential oils if you wanted to look like the stuff you can buy keep in mind that use bleaching agents change the color or dyes to make it more blue

  3. Love it…Basic, simple and straight to the point…if one likes they can add/subtract ingredients!!!

    Thank You,
    Queen Eye Cee Reality

  4. Mine kinda came out with a slight syrupy consistency I sprayed some onto a surface to see if it would dry down sticky but it didn’t seem too right now now is the slight syrup look normal?

  5. I cannot wait to try this! But derpiest of derpy derp questions…which of the ingredients are considered the “dry” to add first, and then which are considered the “remaining” ingredients? Thank you so much and all the love!

    1. Dried ingredients would be anything not fresh. So:

      allspice berries
      cinnamon sticks
      dried jasmine
      dried lavender

      Dried ingredients steep well longer. Fresher ingredients are best left for the end.


      1. Hi how much vodka and what amount of essential oil instead of the dried/fresh ingredients many thanks

    1. How funny we would both end up on the same 4 year old article within hours of one another! While I’m not the author or anything I’d recommend something that’s an “earthy” basic. So maybe some peppercorn, the branch/stick center of the rosemary, maybe some pine needles, or an oak twig – something that’s of the earth and a more sturdy ingredient but is less fragrant 🙂

  6. This recipe looks fantastic! I too, am wondering how much vodka to use. I’m thinking enough to cover the herbs? “Parts” can be any measuring tool you choose to use so this will make a difference in the amount of vodka as well.

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