The World is a Magical Place

Dear Baby,

No matter how life tries you, never forget this one thing: the world is a magical place.

You will never know this better than when you first enter it.  For these first years, everything will seem inexplicably wondrous.    The things your tiny eyes (hazel?  brown? or watercolor blue like your daddy’s?) will take in during that first ten thousand breathes of life or so will be the most baffling and unfathomable you’ll ever see.  Your imagination will not be halted by the limitations of scientific knowledge or the fallible nature of language.

Literally, you will not have words to describe it.   And that is a beautiful thing.

During this tiny window, this brief, precious moment frozen in eternity, you will, for the only time in your entire life, be purely and wholly yourself.  Nothing but spirit.  You will not be the sum of your culture or experiences.  You will not be tainted by the world or what it has exposed you to.  For now, you are only you.

Only love, and nothing else.

In the years to follow, you will accept the magic in the world without question.  Fairies swoop down from the sky to scoop up your teeth from underneath your pillow.  Old white-haired men saunter down the chimney to drop off shimmering gifts dripping with tinsel and striped candy canes.  Bunnies will leave behind pastel-colored eggs for you gather in the spring dew with delight.

Your daddy and I will look on with tears in our eyes, remembering what this was like.

But in a few short years, the fairies and the bunnies will fade into an invisible realm.  You won’t be able to see them as you did.  Once the world takes hold, you will begin understand things from your own light, through your own window.  Your focus will narrow, and the realm of magic will retreat.

It is my job to show you that it will always be there for you.

-Your Mom

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