Imbolc Altar

Now that the Yule decorations are down, the house seems less warm, so I like to get the Imbolc altar up right away for a little atmosphere.


Because Imbolc is all about the return of the light, I like to use plenty of candles.  Cheap and slow-burning, tea candles are perfect for this Sabbat.  I usually pick up a bulk bag of them and burn them throughout the Imbolc season.


I also pulled a string of lights from the Yule tree before putting it away.  I think the white lights compliment Imbolc nicely.


The weather has been unseasonably pleasant this year in the North East, so I went on a little nature walk with my dog to pick up some natural beauty for the altar.

Last year, I spray painted acorns silver for that frosted look of winter.  This year, I decided to do the same thing with pine cones.  Instead of giving them a solid coat, I just lightly dusted them to give them the appearance of frost.



That’s all for now!  Hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful winter season.




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