Relationship Spread: Group Dynamics in the Workplace

This spread specifically addresses one the most important aspects of your working environment: your relationship with your co-workers.  Sometimes referred to as “office politics,” the complex interactions you have with the people you work with are arguably more vital to your career success than any other single factor, including education, experience and work ethic.

Fair?  No.  But it’s the reality.

Finding insight here can be extraordinarily valuable to your long-term career path.


Position 1:  Represents whomever or whatever you are beholden to at work.  Most typically, this card represents a supervisor.  But even if you work for yourself, everyone must answer to someone: customers, a property management company, the IRS.

Position 2:  This card represents you (or the querent).

Position 3:  Represents your relationship to your supervisor (or whatever).  When you draw a card for this position, what does it tell you?  Don’t expect an obvious answer.  The Lovers might represent an inappropriate love interest with your superior, or the Ten of Cups could indicate a familial relationship.

Position 4:  This card represents a subordinate.  If you have no subordinate, substitute whatever you are responsible for or in charge of.  Everyone has a key responsibility at work.

Position 5:  Represents your relationship the people or things you are responsible for.

Position 6:  Both position 6 and 8 represent co-workers or equals in the workplace.  If you have no co-workers, you may either omit these cards, or substitute peripheral factors in your work environment.

Position 7:  Represents your relationship to #6.

Position 8:  See Position 6.

Position 9:  Represents your relationship to #8.

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