Moody Moons is now offering custom tarot readings!

Thanks to some encouragement from my super awesome in-person clients, I’ve decided to take my tarot services viral.

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Here’s a little blurb from the website, or you can just follow this link for more information on pricing.

“What I find truly special about the spiritual discipline of Tarot (or any divination system) is that it you can cut right through to the heart of someone’s deepest personal struggles within a matter of minutes and  start to help that person clear the the things that stand in the way immediately.  It’s not a quick fix, but it’s a good way to knock down emotional barriers and start to move forward.

“I consider myself an ethical reader.     I’m not here to convince you of anything kooky.  I don’t claim to have special psychic ‘powers.’   I don’t tell people I can communicate with the dead or lift imaginary curses. Tarot is not a parlor game; it’s a journey into your own self-discovery.  You don’t want me to try and guess what your mother’s cat’s name is; I don’t know, and neither does anyone else unless you tell them.  What Tarot really has to offer you is far more inspirational and amazing than any trick of the mind or lucky guess.

“In fact, I think most people can get something out of the Tarot experience without believing there’s anything special about the cards at all; in many ways, it’s better if you don’t.

“No matter who your Tarot reader is, always remember that the answers are within you.   I believe in empowering the individual to discover his/her own path.  Tarot is not there to make your decisions for you; it’s there to show you what your options are, and open your eyes to some you hadn’t thought of.

You give birth to your own wisdom.  I’m just the midwife.  :)”

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