Samhain Altar

Now that Mabon has passed, it’s time to set up the Samhain altar.

samhain altar

In the beginning days of my practice, there was a lot of exploration and experimentation for the Sabbats.  But as the years pass, I’ve found myself more and more rooted in my traditions.  Every year, the altar is a little different, but the elements are becoming more familiar.  Like Christmas ornaments, I pull them out and fondly remember where I acquired them, who gave them to me or how I made them.

Samhain Glitter Pumpkin

You may remember the lace pumpkin from last year.  🙂

Samhain Altar

These two pieces–the pentacle and the altar statue, are permanent fixtures.  The pentacle was my very first Wiccan craft project.  It shows.  There’s years of incense ashes, candle wax and herb “dust” built up on it.

Samhain Altar

One completely new addition is the clock.  Being an interfaith sort, I like to find symbolism from around the world to incorporate into my own pagan traditions.  The clock is a Chinese/Eastern symbol for the death.  Kind of dark, but Samhain is, after all, a festival to commune and honor those who have passed on.  It’s also a reminder of how finite our time here is, and how precious every second.

Clock on Samhain Altar

That’s all for now.  Look forward to lots more on Samhain in the weeks to come.


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