Make the Most of Your Smudge Stick

Your smudge stick is bored.

Let’s be honest.  You bust out the old girl once or twice a month for ritual and then lay it to rest on the altar or in a drawer somewhere for a few weeks.

But your poor smudge stick has so much more to offer you!

10 Ways To Use Your Smudge Stick

I’ve compiled a list.  Here are some ways to use smudging that you may not have thought about before.  Of course, I wouldn’t suggest doing all of then.  That’s a little too much smoke!  But I invite you to chose one or two and try it for a while.

I don’t want anyone to get stuck on the correspondences.  You can use any type of smudge wand for the following purposes, but I have included some suggestions about herbs to try in each case.
1.  After a nightmare or bad dream.  There are few things more spiritually unsettling than a disturbing dream.  A series of them can even interfere with sleep and contribute to insomnia.  Clear the air.  Light protective rosemary smudge bundle to heal the sacred space of your bedroom.

2.  Before meditation.  We are often told that smudging brings us into the “right frame of mind” for ritual.  Use this state of mind to contribute to your meditation practice.  A lavender smudge stick can be especially effective for this purpose.

3.  Before yoga practice.  Similarly, if the smoke doesn’t bother you, smudging your practice space with sage before a yoga session can aid concentration.

4.  After recovering from an illness.  If you’ve been battling a bad cold and you’re finally on the other side of it, smudging is a nice way to realign yourself with good health.  Pine works well for this.

5.  To bless a sacred meal.  If you’re cooking for a sabbat, dry one of the key ingredient herbs and burn it as an incense offering on the table before breaking the bread.  If it’s comfortable, have everyone hold hands around the table while it smokes.

6.  After arriving home from work.  The simple act of smudging yourself between work life and home life helps ease the transition and center your focus.  Ceder smudging is nice for this.

7.  Before or after you bathe.  Whereas a shower is more utilitarian and mundane to me, a bath feels like a sacred experience.  Your mileage may vary.  But if you feel similarly, once a week or so, light some candles, put in a few drops of essential oil and smudge before or after for a relaxing treat.  Try a peppermint bundle to refresh and sooth.

8.  After a household argument.  Every healthy marriage has them.  Every healthy family has them.  Living with other people means occasionally disagreeing and not necessarily with grace.  Smudging the the two (or three, or more) parties involved in a dispute after it’s resolved helps to seal reconciliation.  Lavender is also excellent to restore peace.

9.  In the midst of general chaos.  The school called to inform you that your child threw his shoe at the birthday clown.  The dog tore apart the trash can.  Again.  Your husband is staying late to make a deadline and he will not be home in time to help you with dinner.  Or bedtime.  Which is especially unfortunate, because you can’t remember the last time you slept yourself.  These days happen.  You may not think so, but taking even five minutes to settle your nerves helps immensely.  Try something with a little chamomile in it.

10.  Whenever you’re starting something new.  Going back to school?  Starting a new job?  Moving across the country?  Mark the occasion with floral smudge wand to “reset” life.


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