Mojo Monday: Financial Success

If you’ve been following my Mojo Monday series, we’ve been discussing practical ways to use mojo bags.

This week, we’re going to create a money mojo bag, which has been traditionally used to encourage financial success.

mojo bag for financial success

But first, a few words on money spells and ethics..

A lot of people get interested in witchcraft because they want instant rewards without the work.

Of course, any experienced practitioner will tell you that there’s no such thing—-and anyone who tells you otherwise is a fraud who probably intends to prey on your very human desire for this kind of gratification.

Money spells are meant to encourage opportunity to succeed.  This means if you get offered over time or a new job, you’ve been offered a chance to increase your financial success.  If you don’t take it, that’s on you.

The same goes for love spells, divination and any other form of “magic.”  So.  With that said.

Like the other mojo bags in this series, I gave special thought to the fabric.


Of course, the color of this fabric is associated with money, particularly in the US.  But also, the foliage is a metaphor for financial “fertility.”  I’ve seen mojo bags with dollar bill logos printed on them, copper or gold metallic fabrics or simple, solid bright green.

When choosing what to include in your money mojo bag, consider classic money spices like cinnamon and allspice.  Not only do they have strong ties to financial well-being, they also smell amazing!



I added a few pennies.  This is a traditional hoodoo inclusion in money bags.


If you’re looking for a stone, jade is a terrific, inexpensive one to use any type of financial spell.  I picked this one up during my travels through China.  I like it because it’s in the shape of an elephant, my favorite animal, which is associated with intelligence and wisdom.  Don’t know if you’ve heard, but smart is the new rich.  🙂


Finally, I’ve been using these charms to tie my bags off.  You can use a necklace pendant or whatever you want.  This one seemed especially appropriate for our purposes today.

mojo money sign

And that’s it!  This concludes my miniseries on mojo bags.  Hope you learned something useful!


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