Tarot Spread of the Week: 7 Chakra Spread


This is a clever little spread useful for identifying emotional and spiritual imbalances.

You may know that in the Hindu belief system, chakras are points of energy on the body.  The seven main chakras each represent an aspect of spiritual life.   Each of the chakras have richly complex meanings that could be debated at length, but for the sake of this spread, we’ll stick with some very basic definitions.

Here are the card positions—one card for each chakra.  To avoid confusion, the seventh chakra is actually on top (Crown Chakra), and the first chakra on the bottom (Base Chakra), but we read this spread from top to bottom, so I reversed the numbering, labeling the Crown Chakra one, and the Base Chakra seven.

chakra spread chart

1.  Crown Chakra:  Highest point of consciousness.  The soul’s point of communication with the divine.

2. Third Eye Chakra:  “Instinct,” “intuition,” and “psychic awareness” are all words that are loosely associated with this chakra.  You might think of this point of energy as the place where you “see” things that are invisible.

3.  Throat Chakra:  The seat of communication and self-expression.

4.  Heart Chakra:  This chakra rules complex emotions like love, compassion and rejection.  When we talk about our “hearts” in the figurative sense (“he broke my heart” or “I knew in my heart she was telling the truth”) we are talking about this part of ourselves.

5.  Solar Plexis Chakra:  The seat of your intellect.  What we think of as “the mind.”  The essence of your cerebral reasoning.

6.  Sacral Chakra:  This energy point drives your sexuality, creativity and “lust for life.”  Key points here are the need for an individual identity and self-governing behaviors.  An imbalance here may indicate addiction or a loss of self-control.

7.  Base Chakra:  Rules your innate drive for survival and your most primal instincts.

When reading this spread think about how each chakra relates to the card drawn for it.

For example:

-The Hermit (solitude, introspection) on the Crown Chakra position may indicate a need for quiet spiritual reflection.   Consider participating in a retreat, spending a few days in an ashram or taking a camping trip where you can be alone with your thoughts.

-Or, the Page of Swords (usually represents a young, intelligent man) on the Heart Chakra may indicate a new romantic relationship with youthful, bright-minded man.

-The Fool card on the Throat Chakra might be interpreted as oblivious or naive speech, saying things without thinking or giving away a secret without realizing it.

And so on.

I hope you try this spread and enjoy using it—it really is very insightful!

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