Lammas 2014

I kicked off Lammas week with a few friends and a trip to Burnside Farms, a local flower farm where they let you pick your own.



The sunflower I picked made the perfect addition to my Lammas altar.

If you’ve never baked a loaf of bread kneaded with your own hands, Lammas is your excuse.  Baking bread from scratch is a great way to connect with the food on your table, and bring an ancient tradition to life in your own kitchen.  I made these artisan loaves with honey, whole wheat flour and olive oil.


Speaking of honey, this time of year is a great chance to stock up on the best kind: fresh, and local.  I picked a jar up at the sunflower farm while I was there.   I like to get jars from around the area.  Like wine, there are subtle differences in flavor depending on what kind of flowers are around the hives.

Of course, this holiday is known best for its association with grains, so I included this jar of corn kernals on the altar.  I think it would be fun to make old fashioned popcorn on Lammas Eve.

Finally, Lammas has long been tied with the harvest of blackberries.  A bottle of blackberry wine on the altar is a nice variation on this tradition.




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