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    ali malisha munsey

    I’ve had strong feelings for a while now thinking that I may possibly be a witch. I was just looking for a little friendly advice as to how I can know for sure that I am a baby witch, as I do not want to go into this type of thing in a disrespectful manner. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance.



    There is no way to tell if you are a witch, there are no tests you can take.
    Being a witch, I feel, is more of an inner calling. Not to say that you should throw everything away and go live in a cabin in a forest, though that doesn’t sound all that bad xD, but if you feel like a witch you probably are one.

    I haven’t been a witch for very long, and i don’t have any real experience.
    But one of the things that troubled me a lot in the beginning was the feeling that i wasn’t a real witch, since i didn’t practice.
    (Not being old enough to move out and having a family that is always home and school doesn’t leave much time or space for witchy work)

    But after a year or so i realised that being a witch isn’t about how many cauldrons or alters you have. It’s about you, and your journey through life. And that changed everything.

    So my best advise to you and any baby witch out there questioning their path will be
    Explore, read, learn. Find the things you enjoy and try out new things. Every path is different.

    And of course, I can recommend Moodymoons, I really love this side, it is very informative while feeling personal at the same time.
    So go out there and be withcy!

    Blessed be.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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