7 Witchy Full Moon Craft Ideas

Looking for full moon craft ideas?  From moon water to moon pillows, this list of easy DIY moon craft ideas will inspire the creative magical spirit in you.

Moon Soap

Lunar soap melt-and-pour easy diy moon soap. Love this mold!

I love this moon soap craft!  It’s perfect for ritual baths or ritual cleansing before your full moon ritual.

Best of all, you can customize it with herbs and oils specific to your spell goals for the month!

Moon Salts

Moon magick: Celebrating the lunar cycle with a homemade batch of moon salts.

Just about this simplest craft on the list, moon salts are super easy to make and customize.

Add them to your ritual bath, sprinkle them on your property to raise the spiritual vibrations, or use them for cleansing your tools, tarot cards, ect.

Incense Wands

Making incense wands from seasonal ingredients during the full moon is a lovely way to store full moon energy for the month.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make floral incense bundles.

Handmade Spell Scrolls/Moon Circle Invitations

Moon circle spell scroll invitations for a full moon party, esbat or women's moon circle.

Every once in a while, we post something, and it never gets any traction, and I never know why.

This tutorial for handmade moon circle invitations is one of those posts.

To me, it’s one of the most beautiful craft projects on this site.  I just love how they came out.

Moon Wall Art

DIY Moon Phase Wall Art

You do not need to be an artist to make this fun moon phase wall art for your room or sacred space.

Paint it on a blank canvas.  Or, if you’re feeling super brave, paint it directly on your wall!

Moon Water Ice

Moon water ice is a lovely, simple diy witchy craft project to celebrate the full moon.

Experiment with using ice in your spell work with this full moon craft!

Freeze moon water with mindfully selected herbs to create these moon water ice cubes.

Lunar Cycle Tracking Box Altar

Lunar cycle tracking box! What a genius idea to keep track of the moon cycles.

What a simple, effective way to stay in touch with the lunar cycles—-a moon cycle tracking box!  You can pick up these pine boxes at any large craft store.  All you need is some paint and a gemstone of your choice!

Triple Moon Throw Pillows

Make these adorable triple moon decorative pillows and enchant your home with a little witchy magic.

Got some basic sewing skills?

These triple moon throw pillows are a great full moon craft for the teen witch

Moon Incense

Cinnamon, star anise and lavender.

This full moon incense recipe smells so good!  With unexpected spice and botanical combinations like cinnamon and lavender, it vibes with magical energy.

A perfect addition to your moon circle or solitary full moon ritual.

8 Simple Full Moon Craft ideas to celebrate the culmination of the lunar cycle.

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