Wine & Roses Love Spell Jar

Wine & roses love spell jar you can throw together in 5 minutes.

This love spell bottle is an easy jar spell for attracting romance or enhancing romance.

Spell bottles are a classic, accessible form of magick that anyone can do.  If you’re interested in experimenting with simple spellcraft forms, this one is a perfect format for beginners or practitioners who like flexibility and spontaneous Craft-ing.

What is a jar spell?

Jar spells (sometimes called witch bottles) are a very basic, very old form of spellcraft.

All you need is a clean glass jar and some ingredients associated with your spell intention (in this case, love, attraction, romance, ect).

Attraction magic is a form of passive magic—-magic that gently invites or encourages a particular vibration into your life.  

This is a spell for beginners, but even seasoned practitioners enjoy making witch bottles.  It’s a great way to use up ingredients in your spell cabinet and be creative with your spell crafting.


The suggested ingredients in this love spell jar tutorial are all classic love spell herbs, stones, and oils.

Feel free to mix and match them according to what you have.


There is perhaps no more romantic ingredient in all of witchcraft’s arsenal than the gentle blush of roses.

A few dried petals is all you need for this love spell bottle.

Red Wine

Wine is a sacred libation in traditions around the world and across many spiritual faiths.

In modern witchcraft, red wine in particular is associated with love and romance.

Crushed Rose Quartz

Once you seal this spell jar, it’s best to leave it sealed. 

For this reason, you needn’t sacrifice an entire piece of rose quartz.

Rose quartz crushes very easily.  Simply put it inside a small dishcloth and give it a few good whacks with a hammer.  You can use a few pieces in the spell jar and save the rest for another magical endeavor.  

Vanilla Oil or Vanilla Extract

Vanilla is an old, wise essence.  It has a kind of “Auntie-the-Matchmaker” vibe.

Add a few drops of vanilla essential oil to your love spell bottle to evoke the warm, sensual pleasure of well-matched love.

Frankincense Tears

You are made of love.  

Frankincense infuses any spell with the ancient lineage of human connection.

Love Spell Jar Tutorial

PLEASE NOTE:  I always encourage you to use what you have.  Customize this spell any way you like.  Feel free to swap out ingredients, add ingredients, or subtract them as you see fit.  But if you want to use something on this list that you don’t have, I have included affiliate links in this section for your convenience.

Spell Components:

-1 small, clean glass jar

-3-6 pieces crushed cinnamon OR frankincense tears

-pinch of dried rose petals

-splash of red wine

-splash of vanilla extract OR a piece of crushed rose quartz

Step 1

Add all ingredients to the clean glass jar.

Step 2

Leave the jar in the full moonlight overnight.

Step 3

Place the jar on your altar for 1-2 months to draw love, romance, and attraction into your life.

Love spell jar recipe with super romantic ingredients like red wine, roses and vanilla.

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