Romantic Spellcraft Ideas for February

Try one of these romantic spellcraft ideas and make your Valentine's a little more magical.

It’s the season of passion, and today, Moody Moons has rounded up some of our most romantic spellcraft ideas.

From love potions to romance poppets, it’s time to get spell-crafty!

The Season of Love

We talk a lot in modern witchcraft about how to best time your spells to the moon cycles.  

But there are lots of ways to use timing intentionally in spellcraft to further your mystical energy and harness the power of the seasons.

Even secular holidays vibe with the collective energy of the world around you—-and February is an ideal time to try attraction magick and love spells.

Romantic spellcraft is a more passive form of love spell that dodges a lot of the ethical questions surrounding love spells, so it’s super beginner-friendly.  Use it to enhance your personal power, recharge your passions or magnify your inner beauty.

Love Spell Creams

Try one of these romantic spellcrafting ideas and make your Valentine's a little more magical.

Spell creams are an underrated spell format that can be used to promote almost any spell intention.

They’re great because you literally wear your own magic by anointing yourself with a skin-nourishing, handmade cream infused with intentionally selected ingredients.  

Try this recipe for love spell cream with rose & vanilla.

Love Potion

Are you looking to refresh your dating experience?

Nothing like a classic love potion to rev up your romance vibes.  

Try one of these recipes for love spell oil.

Romance Sachets

If you’ve got sewing skills, try crafting one of these heart-shaped sachets and filling them with romance-inducing spell ingredients like dried rose petals, vanilla essential oil or crushed cinnamon stick.

Aphrodite Attraction Bath

Indulge your inner goddess with an attraction ritual bath.

Fill your tub with fresh roses or fill a bath sachet with some of these love spell herbs.  

Light some pink candles, put on your most romantic playlist, dim the lights, and relax.

Love Spell Cookies

Want to spread the love?  Make a batch of love spell cookies for your friends, co-workers, and family.

These are great to give away to your bestie if she’s on the dating scene, your newly divorced sister who’s ready to get back to the business of romance—and of course, it’s always nice to make a batch for your own romantic partner to share with you!

Try this recipe for love spell cookies.  You can garnish them with dried roses (which are totally edible!).  Or, if you’re skilled at baking, top them with handmade buttercream roses.

Spell Bottles for Romance

The art of spellcraft jars is fun, versatile, and totally accessible.  Literally, anyone can do this.  

All you need is a clean glass jar and some basic spell ingredients and you’re witch crafting.

Try adding florals and/or passion spices (like ginger or nutmeg).   Then, leave your jar under the February full moon to charge.

Romance Altar

Clear off your household altar during the month of February (or any time you’re looking to draw love & attraction into your life) and dedicate it to the spirit of love.

Adorn it with roses, pink candles, a love spell goddess (like Aphrodite) or even old love letters passed down from ancestors.  

Romance and love spells for beginners.

Interested in trying love magick? Try one of these easy, beginner-friendly ideas for attraction spellcraft.

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