High Priestess Online Ordination Course

Do you want to experience the deep, connected friendship of a working coven, but never found a moon circle to call home?

Why not start your own?

Begin the journey of the self-ordained high priestess with our latest course, High Priestess Ordination.

Let us show you how to veer off the well-trodden trail and lead others to grow in their practice on their own terms.

From how to find your tribe to designing rituals and officiating handfastings, this course guides you from a solitary witch to a high priestess with a thriving coven.

High Priestess Online Ordination Course

In this class, you will learn how to:

Start a coven from scratch.  Whether you’ve looked around and can’t find an existing coven, or you’re simply ready to branch out on your own, this class teaches you everything you need to know about starting your own coven or moon circle.

Build your community from the ground up.  Even if you begin with very little to work with, this class teaches you how to get your community running in no time.

Host moon circles/coven meetings and rituals.  Moon circles and rituals create a foundation for your coven.  

Deal with coven group dynamics gracefully.  One of the most under-covered, under-discussed topics with respect to leading a coven, group dynamics plays a critical role in the health and longevity of your community.  Learn to spot problems early on and how to handle them.

-Honor rights of passage with meaningful rituals and ceremonies.  Learn how to recognize crucial moments in the lives of your coven sisters by designing rituals and ceremonies that pay homage to their special moments.

-How to perform baby blessings and welcome new life into your community.  Help members make the transition from Maid to Mother with baby blessings and provide spiritual support during pregnancy and childbirth.

-Design creative rituals with your unique personal stamp.  Find your intuitive creativity and learn to design rituals with your signature energy on them.  

-Officiate handfastings and weddings.  Help your community members get married in ceremonies that honor their unique spiritual beliefs by learning to officiate handfastings and weddings according to best industry practices.

Interactive learning.

Ready to start your own coven? Begin here! Our online high priestess ordination course will walk you through the process of transition from solitary witch to leading a thriving coven.

Unlike cheaply produced courses on mass-market online course sites with very little quality control, Moody Moons School of Metaphysical Arts prides itself on learning content that actually helps you learn.

Our High Priestess Online Ordination course includes:

-Professionally-produced video lectures.



-Meaningful assignments.

-High-quality downloads to help you focus your intentions, organize your rituals, and plan your growth.

Worksheets that work it.

In addition to beautiful content, videos, photographs, and production quality, this course includes printable worksheets to walk you through every step of ritual design, planning handfastings, and more.

Ritual Planner

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