Spiritual, Magical & Witchy Travel Destinations Around the World

Check out these magical, fairytale-like destinations perfect for witchy travelers.

These witchy travel destinations are dripping with alchemy, haunted history, and otherworldly vibrations.

From the haunted shipwrecks of Whitby to the psychic wonderland of Cassadega, Florida, these travel spots are a once-in-a-lifetime voyage into the unknown.

Pack your bags and embark on an intrepid journey into the real-life world of magic.   

1.Cassadaga, Florida, USA

Here at Moody Moons, we love Cassadega, Florida—even if we were practically chased out of town when we went to cover it a few years ago.

Best known as “the highest per-capita concentration of psychics in the world,” Cassedega is a unique spot of culture just outside the cultural wastelands of Orlando.

Established as a spiritualist community in the late 19th century, it’s a place where mediums (mostly elderly or nearing retirement age) gather. 

With Victorian-era architecture and quiet streets, it’s an eerie yet beautiful place.

2. Transylvania, Romania

Legends of vampires, a living tradition of folk magic, remote castles, and deep, enchanted forests give Romania the mythical feel of a macabre fairytale.

The misting mountains of Transylvania are a land of mysterious, lurid beauty.

3. Salem, Massachusetts, USA

In the late 17th century, Salem served as the dark theater that staged the infamous Salem witch trials. 

The notorious teenaged hysteria ran so out of control, that it inspired an entire tourism industry, countless books, and a play by Pulitzer-Prize-winning playwright, Arthur Miller.

Salem is synonymous with witchcraft and haunted history.

The town’s Colonial-era buildings—such as the Joshua Ward House and the Hawthorne Hotel—–have a rich tradition of haunted folklore.

Aside from the ghost tours, it’s an occult shop Candyland.  You can spend an entire day shopping for tarot decks and cauldrons.

4. Whitby, England

A sea-sprayed coastal town in North Yorkshire, Whitby, England, is a place of both beauty and romanticized tragedy.

From haunted shipwrecks to Gothic architecture, it’s a place so atmospheric that it inspired Bram Stoker’s classic novel, “Dracula.” 

5.  New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans is on this list of witchy, spiritual and haunted travel destinations around the world.

From its brassy, sassy jazz tradition to the rich tradition of Voodoo,  New Orleans is a city that glitters with paranormal mysticism.

Be captivated by the city’s wickedly alluring haunted history, sample some absinthe in the French Quarter, and take some time to appreciate the woefully misunderstood voodoo queen, Marie Laveau.

Edinburgh, Scotland

From the Summer Solstice to a rich tradition of Celtic folk magick, Edinburgh, Scotland tops this list of witchy and magical travel destinations.

Edinburgh, Scotland, hosts a number of neopagan celebrations, including both Solstice and Cross-Quarter holidays, that connect the city’s inhabitants to their ancient Celtic roots.

Known best for the Beltane Fire Festival.  Beginning on the night of April 30th the city comes alive with fire, drumming, and colorful processions of elaborately-costumed (and often, very drunk, lol) celebrants.

In the autumn, the Samhuinn Fire Festival honors the thinning Veil between the living and the deceased.  

The Winter Solstice is also observed with various events in the city to mark the changing of seasons and the lengthening of days. These ancient celebrations unite Edinburgh’s residents and visitors with a sense of history and a deep connection to nature, providing a captivating glimpse into Scotland’s Celtic heritage.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

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With its rich folkloric tales of herbal laboratories and secret symbols, Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is a favorite destination for alchemy enthusiasts.

Wander the historical district of Lesser Town where alchemists wandered secret tunnels in search of the philosopher’s stone.

Take a walk through the Prague Castle complex or marvel at Prague’s Astronomical clock.

Walking the streets of Prague is like walking through an Old World picture book of medieval mysticism.

6. Oaxaca, Mexico

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Head to Oaxaca, Mexico to experience Temazcal (a traditional Mexican sweat lodge).

Or, celebrate the legendary Mexican holiday, Dia Del Muerte.  

Considered a hub of indigenous Mexico, Oaxaca is a place of cultural wealth and spiritual tradition.

While you’re there, experience the impeccable food scene and local art!  World famous for its culinary tradition, Oaxaca is a nourishment to both the spirit and the body.

8.  Sedona, Arizona, USA

Nestled in the stunning red rock country of northern Arizona, Sedona is a land alive.  

The city is often associated with energy vortexes, places where some believe the Earth’s energy is amplified.

Many visitors come to Sedona seeking healing, enlightenment, and a connection to the spiritual world.

Residents and visitors say its red rocks contain powerful energy that can enhance meditation, psychic experiences, and self-discovery.

The city is home to numerous psychics, healers, and spiritual guides.  It’s a perfect place to explore the universe and marvel at all the things we do not know.




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