Winter Solstice Journal Prompts

Get cozy by the fire this Yule with these Winter Solstice journal prompts for thoughtful reflection.

Make a Yule Wish List For Your Soul

What are your “soul goals” for the coming year? 

Do you need to work on healing from a traumatic event this year? 

Maybe you want to learn tarot?  Or get a better hand on your kitchen witch skills?

Make a list of spiritual goals to further your magical practice.

Winter Spell & Ritual Associations

Modern witchcraft practitioners generally encourage coming up with your own spell correspondences and ritual associations.

So what are yours?  Start with your mundane associations and then think of ways to incorporate them into your Winter Solstice ritual or winter spell crafting.  Consider using hot chocolate as libation or during cakes & ale. 

Or think about how you might incorporate evergreens into your ritual bath or cold-weather spellcraft.

Heirloom Yule Traditions

You don’t have to be a hereditary witch in order to incorporate your family traditions into your Winter Solstice season.

Many of our most common Christmas traditions, for example, are really descended from European pagan traditions.  

Even if your family traditions are not, there is usually a way to make the connection.

Brainstorm some of your family memories about the Winter Season and see if you can think of ways to incorporate them into your magical practice.

Ice Magic

Have you ever thought about trying a ritual in the snow?

Or maybe you can incorporate your freezer in your kitchen witchery?

Brainstorm ideas to make the most of the season of snow & ice.

Fire Incense Blend

Create your own loose incense blend to toss in the fireplace.  (Obviously, this only works if you have a wood-burning fireplace).

Cinnamon sticks, dried evergreens, frankincense—-experiment with different herbs, spices, essential oils and resins until you have a custom winter blend that is uniquely you.  

Write it down for use in future Winter Solstice celebrations.

Write an Oak Moon Ritual

December is the Oak Moon.

Write a solitary ritual for the Oak Moon. 

Tradition themes for this moon include spiritual conquest, bravery, and healing from grief.

Winter Meditation

One of my favorite Winter Solstice journal prompts?

Write a script for a guided winter meditation.

Use rich, descriptive language and soothing images.

Then, you can read either read it out at your next group ritual for a meditation treat or consider recording it to either share or experience it privately.

“Enchant” a Family Holiday Recipe

Think of a recipe you remember from your childhood holiday experiences and “magi-fy” it.

For example, if you remember your mother making snickerdoodles, look up the key ingredients (sugar, milk, cinnamon)) and look up the magical associations for each of them.

Design a spell or ritual around the recipe.

Design a Winter Tarot Spread

Create a winter tarot spread.

Focus on Winter Solstice themes and correspondences.  You may even name your spread accordingly, like “The Return of the Light Spread” or “Hearth Fire.”

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