Using Frankincense in Spells & Magic

Shrouded in mystical lore, frankincense’s legendary sacredness extends into the earliest traces of human civilization. 

The ancients so prized this fragrant resin that they compared its value in weight to gold.

Practitioners of modern witchcraft often incorporated it into winter rituals, especially the Winter Solstice & Imbolc.  

But it has lots of uses all year round.  

Try one of these ideas to use frankincense in spells & magic.

The Spiritual History of Frankincense

Frankincense remains an enduring symbol of spirituality, purity, and reverence in many cultures and religions. Its aromatic and sacred qualities continue to be cherished and incorporated into contemporary rituals and practices around the world.

This sacred resin was used in ancient Egyptian religious ceremonies, notably in the worship of the sun god Ra and other deities. It was burned as incense and offered as a sacred offering in temples and during burial rituals.

The Egyptians believed that its sweet-smelling smoke helped convey prayers and offerings to the gods.

In the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), frankincense is mentioned as one of the gifts offered by the Magi to the baby Jesus, symbolizing its importance in religious and cultural contexts.

In modern magic, it is associated with purification, protection, and warding off evil spirits.

Candle Magic

Mix frankincense essential oil with a carrier oil and use it to anoint candles for spells and rituals. 

Its high spiritual vibration elevates communion with the divine and intensifies insight.

It’s particularly appropriate for “eternal flame” altar candles or candles for use in healing spells.

Winter Moons & Sabbats

Combine frankincense with myrrh and burn it on a charcoal disk or toss it in your ritual fire for the Winter Solstice or Imbolc.

This resin is a classic ingredient in wintertime holidays, moons, and sacred celebrations.

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual practitioners use frankincense to heal old emotional wounds.

Combine frankincense essential oil with a skin-friendly carrier oil (like olive or jojoba).

Use it for self-massage, or to massage a partner when struggling with spiritual trials or when trying to heal from trauma.

To Connect with Specific Deities

If you work within a spiritual tradition, use frankincense to connect with divine spirits in whatever way is appropriate according to your system.

Specifically, the Egyptian god Ra, the Greek god Apollo, and the Virgin Mary are all associated with this mystical resin.

As a Gift

Give frankincense as a gift to a spiritual friend.  

It’s especially appropriate for Yule. 

Get a nice box, toss in a candle and some spell oil, wrap it up, and make someone’s holiday!

During High Priestess Ordinations

If you are planning a formal ordination for a high priestess, consider using frankincense in the ritual.

You can use the essential oil as an anointing oil or burn it in a cauldron to promote a sacred vibration.

It’s also appropriate for Year-And-A-Day ceremonies and coven initiations.  

For Purification

Historically, frankincense was burned in temples for purification and to welcome the gods.

Purify your home, altar, or sacred space with frankincense smoke.

The rich, aromatic natural fragrance of frankincense dispels darkness, warming the home and the heart.

As an Offering

How to use frankincense in spells, magick and witchcraft.

Frankincense can be burned or scattered in small amounts to free the soul from heavy burdens.

Make an offering of frankincense when seeking divine assistance in healing from grief or when striving to deepen your connection to the divine. 

In Winter Spell Blends

Incorporate this resin into winter spell blends.

Try adding it to this recipe for Winter Solstice loose incense.

Add a few drops of the essential oil to enhance the scent and increase the potency of its magic.


  1. I have been in Wicca since my daughter was 8 I believe. I’ve been loosing touch with my self and the Goddess.
    I happen to browse through my email and saw this. it’s helping me come back to me. I was happy when I was practicing magic. I felt safe. I’m being attacked by ruthless people that are very dark.
    I’ve prayed for God ,Jesus, Johova The goddess to stop them. sometimes it’s really dark n evil, sometimes it’s almost a quiet day.
    thank you sincerely
    please keep in touch.

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