The Skeptical Witch: Exploring Magick As a Disbeliever

Whether you are just witch-curious or you’ve been practicing for a long time and are beginning to question your belief system, I’m here to tell you it’s okay to embrace your inner skeptical witch.

Here’s why skepticism is a powerful spiritual tool and an essential feature of free thought.

Everyone is a skeptical witch.

There’s no way to know what goes on inside a person’s head or heart. 

But personally, I believe that skepticism is nearly universal—-and not just in witchcraft, but in all religious or spiritual practices. 

All of us are, to some degree, skeptical.  

The insistence of perfect faith in anything is generally a false show of piety, no matter how presumably convincing.

But particularly in modern witchcraft, skepticism is almost inherent to the practice.  Because there is no central doctrine at all, modern magical practitioners generally come to their own conclusions.  I’ve never met two witches who agree on everything.

Spiritual skepticism is healthy.

Unfortunately, just like every other spiritual practice (including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and everything else) witchcraft attracts its share of charlatans and predators.

Not only should you feel free to be skeptical, you should be wary of anyone who strenuously objects to your questioning.

An honest high priestess—-or any member of the clergy in any religion for that matter—should respect your skepticism.  You should never feel obliged to pretend to believe something you genuinely don’t.

People who do submit to pressure like that make themselves vulnerable to predators, charlatans, and abusive cults of every stripe.

How to Explore Magic as a Skeptical Witch

So, how do you approach magic if you’re skeptical?

The answer is, honestly.  You approach it honestly.  Recognize that you are skeptical—but also recognize that you have at least some doubts that witchcraft and magick are totally invalid smoke and mirrors.

Otherwise, you likely wouldn’t even be reading this right now.

Just as I believe we’re all a little skeptical about magick, spirituality, and mysticism in general, I also believe we’re all a little skeptical about the notion that everything is as it seems. 

The beauty of a magical practice is exploring that side.  The little part of you that thinks maybe, just maybe, there is an underlying current of energy that flows around us, and that you can harness that current and shape it around you.

Even if you decide it’s not for you, there are lots of things non-witches can learn from witchcraft.

Experimenting with Magic as a Skeptic

A lot of practitioners will tell you that your belief in the spells you cast is essential to your success.

I disagree.  Or at least, I don’t think you need to believe anything in order to get something out of it.

However, I do think you need to be at least open and sensitive to possibilities.   Be open to the possibility that when you work with spellcraft, it shapes your reality in subtle ways that aren’t necessarily immediately apparent.

Sometimes, it takes months or years before you look back on a spell and have a moment of epiphany—the realization that you used the power of your intuition and intentions to reshape your own destiny.

When it comes to witchcraft, spells and magic, you're curious---but skeptical.  And that's okay.  Here's how to approach magic if you're not sure it works.

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