17 Magical Kitchen Herbs & Spices to Use in Spells

Before you head to your local herb shop for spell ingredients, check your kitchen!  Your cupboard is spilling over with magical kitchen herbs for almost any spell intention. 

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A staple in Italian food, basil is unsurprisingly an herb of sensuality and passion.  

Its bright, fresh flavor makes it a perfect addition to a kitchen-witch love spell recipe for two.    Add it to a tomato-based dish (also a love spell ingredient) and make a meal of it on your next date night.

Bay Leaves

Check out these common kitchen herbs you can use today in your spells, magic and witchcraft. 

Bay leaf is a common ingredient in Hellenistic rituals due to its historical association with the oracle at Delphi.

The Pythia, a priestess known for her prophecies, allegedly employed laurel to induce her celestial ecstasy.

Tuck a bay leaf with your tarot cards to infuse them with this energy, or write a wish on a bay leaf and burn it to carry your hopes skyward.


Got some bags of chamomile tea lying around?  

Chamomile is a perfect addition to dream sachets. 

Try this:  combine 2 parts dried chamomile with one part mint and one part lavender.  Add it to a sachet and toss it your pillow for a restful sleep or to enhance dream work.

Chili Powder

Ouch!  Don’t get burned!  Chili powder is so spicy, it can literally cause chemical burns if not handled carefully.

Use it in hot foot powder or in spells to send unwanted visitors packing.


Chives impart soothing, calming energy, making them suitable for rituals or spells aimed at easing grief and emotional pain.

In magical gardening and home protection spells, chives repel pests and unwanted creatures, both physical and metaphysical.


In the realm of magic and folklore, cilantro represents purification and protection. Its fresh, cleansing aroma wards off negative energies and enhance spiritual clarity.

Some practitioners incorporate cilantro into rituals and spells to create a barrier against malevolent forces or to cleanse spaces of lingering negativity.

Beyond its mystical significance, cilantro’s lush green leaves and delicate white flowers evoke a sense of rejuvenation and renewal, making it a symbol of vitality and transformation in the world of herbal magic.


Cinnamon is a spice with powerful spiritual energy.   Of all the magical kitchen herbs, cinnamon is the most common in magical baking, and is nearly ubiquitous on spice racks around the world.

In stick form, magical practitioners often crush it and burn it bonfires or on a charcoal disk to release potent mind-clearing vibes.

As a powder, it makes an excellent inclusion in magical baked goods (like these love spell cookies) and ritual offering cakes (like these Samhain cakes) to enhance spiritual awareness.

Use it before divination, or to raise your intuition before ritual.


Traditionally, dill offers protection against negative energies, curses, and malevolent spirits, often hung in doorways or windows for this purpose.

Additionally, dill is a purifying herb, capable of cleansing spaces, objects, or individuals of negative influences. 

Incorporate dill in rituals or offerings to connect with ancestral spirits and pay homage to one’s forebears.

Consider using dill (both the dried leaf and seeds) in wish spells to manifest desires.

In kitchen witchery, it’s commonly added to dishes with specific magical intentions, such as promoting health or prosperity.


Ginger is closely linked to the fire element due to its spicy and warming nature. It is believed to possess the energy of passion, motivation, and transformation.

Ginger is known for its invigorating properties. It’s used to boost personal energy, motivation, and courage, making it beneficial for those seeking to overcome obstacles.

Ginger is thought to help balance emotions and reduce stress. It can be used in spells or rituals aimed at calming turbulent emotions.

Lemon Rind

There are so many ways to use lemons in witchcraft.  

But for cupboard magic, don’t discard your lemon rinds.  Dry them on the windowsill until they are completely brittle. 

Then, toss them in loose incense and sachets to keep your mind sharp. 

Or, add them to shower sachets to start the day with a clear mind.


You know that refreshing feeling you get when you smell mint?  Like a spiritual reset every time!

In spell craft, mint is associated with financial success and abundance. 

This magical kitchen herb can be used in rituals and spells to attract prosperity and financial opportunities.


Nutmeg enhances psychic abilities and intuition.  Practitioners commonly use it in divination rituals or meditation practices to deepen one’s connection to the spiritual realm and gain insights.  It is especially effective when used in conjunction with cinnamon for this purpose.

Nutmeg is also a powerful ingredient in dream work and lucid dreaming. A small amount of nutmeg, placed under the pillow or consumed before sleep, enhances dream experiences and facilitates dream recall.


Headed off on a witchy roadtrip?  Add oregano to travel sachets and spells for protection and to promote enlightenment and growth on your journey.

Oregano corresponds to feelings of joy, happiness, and contentment.  Practitioners often use it in spells and rituals aimed at promoting positive emotions and dispelling sadness.

Orange Peel

Oranges are a powerful sun symbol and often included in solar rituals for sun holidays such as the Summer Solstice.

Use oranges in spells and rituals aimed at increasing overall happiness, reducing stress, and promoting a positive outlook on life.

Try using oranges when experimenting with joy craft.


Some practitioners associate paprika with creativity and inspiration.  Consider using paprika to overcome creative blocks or stimulate innovative thinking.

The spicy heat of paprika is reminiscent of fire, and it can symbolize the element of fire’s energy and vitality. Some people also use it to boost one’s physical or emotional energy levels.


In some traditions, practitioners use parsley to protect pets and animal familiars from harm and negative influences.

Perfect for rituals and celebrations, such as handfastings and weddings, as a symbol of joy, fertility, and unity.

Parsley also enhances meditation or ritual practices to aid in spiritual growth and self-discovery.


Rosemary is a classic protection herb.  Its spikey appearance resembles the spike strips used to stop reckless drivers and this is a perfect metaphor for how its used in spellcraft.

 Is someone driving recklessly through your life?  Prevent yourself from getting “run over” with a pinch of rosemary.


In ritual, many practitioners burn sage to enhance mental clarity, wisdom, and intuition. It can help individuals gain insights, focus their thoughts, and make wiser decisions.


Thyme symbolizes courage and inner strength.  Practitioners often use it in spells and rituals to bolster one’s resolve and overcome challenges.

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