Samhain Journal Prompts for Your Grimoire

Got autumn writer’s block?  Try one of these Samhain journal prompts to illuminate your grimoire or Book of Shadows with the magic of All Hallow’s Eve.

Write a letter to a deceased loved one.

Samhain is best known as a time to honor your ancestors.

Writing a letter to a deceased loved one can be a really healing experience—-whether or not you believe in a continuing relationship with your loved one beyond the boundaries of life and death.

Write a letter of sorrow.  Or forgiveness.  Or use the time and space to tell your loved one how your life has changed since their passing.

Create a recipe for a dumb supper or Samhain party.

Even if you don’t plan to host or attend a dumb supper this Samhain, it’s never the wrong year to do a little experimenting in the kitchen and come up with your own spin on a classic fall recipe for Samhain.

Cruise Pinterest or Youtube for inspiration, and then experiment.

When you have something you really like, write it down in your witchy journal and make it again year after year.

Write a eulogy—for your worst habit.

Samhain is considered by many to be the Witch’s New Year.

So, if you’ve got a bad habit you’d like to say goodbye to, try this creative idea.

Write a eulogy for it.  I know, it sounds really strange.  But letting go of a habit—even a bad habit—is a kind of loss. 

Acknowledging the void is a great way to start thinking about how to fill it.

Make it funny, make it poignant.  Make it whatever you want.  But studies show that writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them.

Design a Jack ‘O Lantern

Do you enjoy incorporating your art into the Craft?

Carving a jack ‘o lantern is a classic way to use pumpkins during the season of Samhain.

The jack ‘o lantern is the perfect base for a protection spell or to “light the way” for loved ones who have passed on in the last year.

Use your journal to design a meaningful jack ‘o lantern.  

Explore Your Shadow Side

Use the season of Samhain to explore your fears, doubts, and darkest experiences.

What is your greatest fear? 

Have you ever had a nightmare that was so terrifying, you never forgot it?

Exploring your shadow side is a powerful way to harness it in your spellcraft and use it to your advantage.  

Create a ritual incense blend.

Making your own loose incense blend is one of my favorite Samhain journal prompts.  

It’s also a beautiful, creative-yet-easy way to bring the essence of the season into your life.

Try making a special loose incense blend for autumn.

Use the natural foliage (such as dried oak leaves, pine, and evergreens) in your area, what you have in your spice cabinet, or what’s left in your witchy garden to create a ritual incense blend for Samhain.  

Experiment with traditional fall ingredients like:






-Dried Orange Peel

-Pine Cone

Fall Leaves

-Other Herbs of the Dead

You can also incorporate corresponding essential oils and resins.  

Once you’ve got a blend you like, burn it in your cauldron, fireplace, or ritual bonfire.

What do you think is on the other side of the Veil?

If you believe in an afterlife, what is it like?  

Samhain is a great time to explore your insights about death—a rarely discussed topic that nonetheless touches us all at some point in our lives.

An honest conversation with yourself about what you believe, or don’t believe, is healthy.  You needn’t dwell on death, but it’s helpful to occasionally touch base with yourself about it.  Especially if you’ve experienced a recent loss.

Re-Write a Dream

Samhain is the perfect time to experiment with dream work.  

Have a recurring dream?  Rewriting a dream is a powerful way to reshape the energy in your dream life and your waking experiences.

Happy Samhain, everyone!

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