Your Metaphysical Education: A Better Way to Learn

For most people, getting your metaphysical education means going it alone.

Learning about crystals, the tarot, and magical herbs usually comes down to pouring over books and websites, mostly without any structure or guidance.

Practitioners often consider themselves independent thinkers.  Teaching yourself feels like a natural extension of that tendency.

But inevitably, this approach eventually leads to stagnation, slow-growth, and eventually, stalled progress.

Personally, I think there’s a better way to learn. 

Taking a more structured approach is the fastest way achieve your magical goals—-and maybe even make the transition to professional witch.

Here’s why.

Your spiritual life is worth investing in.

Education is always an investment—- of time, of money, or both.

Your spiritual life is worth investing in.

Maybe you want to learn the tarot and start reading professionally.

Or, maybe you just want to learn the basics of witchcraft and start with a solid foundation to build on.

No matter what you end up doing with your academic career, your spiritual well-being and the knowledge you have to maintain it will carry you through the inevitable trials of work life, family life, and every other part of life.

Just as importantly, you gain skills to help others and to build a life around your belief system.

Process equals progress.

Recall the last time you learned something new and learned it well.  You likely remember that learning this skill required a process.

Sometimes that process is open and natural.  Sometimes, it’s quite regimented.  But either way, you got from there to here by undergoing a transition from unskilled to skilled.

Getting a more formal metaphysical education makes that process clear.  It gives you actionable steps to take to reach your goals.

Guidance from someone who’s been there.

There’s a lot of ways to find mentorship.  But not everyone has access to a mentor in the metaphysical arts.

The practice of witchcraft tends to be private—-even secretive.  So just finding someone who practices, let alone has the time and willingness to teach you in a consistent way, is a tough sell.

Even if you have access to a coven, your fellow witches likely have jobs, families and not a lot of time to devote to developing your personal practice.

Online classes in the metaphysical arts helps you fill the gap and work at your own pace without inconveniencing yourself or others.

Filling the gaps in your knowledge.

Maybe you know a lot about the Craft already.

Perhaps you read all the 101 books and even picked up a specialty or two.  (Kitchen witchery is your jam now!)

But it still feels like you’re missing a few of the basics, and your foundation seems shaky when you try to take it to the next level.

A formal approach helps you to identify where you’re strong, and where you still need to put in some work.

Gain the confidence to go your own way.

Ultimately, witchcraft is about building a spiritual practice that’s 100% yours from the ground up.

A formal education in metaphysics isn’t about doing things the right way.  It’s about learning and deciding the right way for you.

So whether you’re just getting started, you’re stalled in your progress, or you’re ready to learn something completely new, it may be time to consider taking a fresh approach to your metaphysical education.

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