The 2020 Blue Moon Falls on Samhain. Here’s how to make the most of it.

The 2020 blue moon falls on Samhain. Here's how to make the most of it.

This year, the 2020 Blue Moon falls on Samhain.  This powerful metaphysical event offers a unique opportunity for the practicing witch.

Take advantage of this ultra special evening and plan a night of magical events.

What is the Blue Moon?

A blue moon refers to a second full moon in any given calendar month.

The blue moon itself is an unusual astrological event, occurring only about every 2-3 years.

But a blue moon on Samhain/Halloween?  That’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Contrary to popular belief, the blue moon isn’t actually blue.  It looks like any other full moon.  But this one emanates with energetic potential.

So, how do we capture that potential, and use it in our practice?  Let’s look at some creative, but practical options.

Make Moon Water

Making moon water is one of the easiest and best ways to capture the energy of any full moon for future use.

If you already make moon water, use whatever recipe or method you know well.

Or, if you want to make an extra special batch, try this recipe for moon water.

Either use it right away, or freeze it for up to a year. 

If you want to freeze it, consider freezing it into individual portions so that you don’t need to thaw it all at once to use it in small doses.  Try portioning it out in an ice-cube tray or this adorable (affiliate link —–>) moon mold ice tray.

Charge Your Crystals

If you consider yourself a crystal junkie (you know who you are), find a spot with a clear view to the moon.  A rooftop, high hill or any space with an unobstructed view works well.

Rinse your crystals in a stream, rainwater or spring water and leave them in full view of the 2020 Blue Moon.

Store in a black, drawstring bag and use them on special occasions to supercharge your spell work.

Go camping.

With the Veil Between Worlds at its thinnest on this night, the forest is alive with the spirits of the woodlands.

To top it off, camping weather is ideal this time of year.

Spend this night in the company of the natural world.  Try a lantern ritual, tell ghost stories around the bonfire or go foraging for spell ingredients.

Try an outdoor moon bath.

A moon bath is a ritual bath specifically intended to cleanse the spirit and honor the full moon.

But on this spectacular night, consider taking it outdoors.

The cooler weather likely makes bathing in a stream impractical.  But you still have options.

If you know a natural hot spring in your area, that’s ideal!

Or, if all else fails, rent an Airbnb with an outdoor hot tub.  You won’t be able to use ritual soaps or bath salts in a hot tub, but you can enjoy the beauty of soaking under the blue moon and then anoint yourself with ritual oils afterwards.  


During the current crisis that prevents large gatherings, many couples opt to elope in a small, private ceremony.

(In fact, I will be officiating one this Samhain!)

If your handfasting plans got derailed this spring, and you want to tie the metaphysical knot, a night ceremony during the Samhain Blue Moon is an especially powerful time to seal the bonds of partnership.

Honor the owl.

A full blue moon is the domain of the nocturnal bird of wisdom.

Honor the owl by seeking wisdom with a full moon tarot spread to expand your knowledge in the Craft.

Draw five cards, and place them face up, in order of first card to last in a column/vertical straight line formation.

1st Card = What the owl wants you to know about your current magical practice.

2nd Card =  Why it’s important.

3rd Card = The blockages or forces that stand in your way.

4th Card =  Aspect of the Owl you need to embody to move forward and grow in your practice.

5th Card = Ultimate outcome.

Make a wish.

Sometimes called “The Wishing Moon,” some people believe the full moon grants wishes to sincere seekers.

Choose a particularly important life goal for yourself.  Write it on a piece of paper.  Then, burn it in your ritual cauldron.

As the smoke rises, imagine your desires rising with it and crossing the Veil Between Worlds.

Try making flying ointment.

Of course, you should be well-versed in herbalism before attempting to make flying ointment.

I can’t recommend any recipes, and I caution you to bear in mind that many of the ones on the internet are dangerous and potentially toxic.  

However, if you know how to make it, this Esbat is a perfect occasion to whip up a batch and charge it with the energy of the full moon.

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