9 Witchy Ways to #StayHome

Craft-y ways to deepen your knowledge of witchcraft while social distancing. From knitting spells to virtual moon circles, try some of these creative ideas to get through the crisis without letting your practice slip.

From hosting a moon circle on Zoom to magical at-home spa days, here are some witchy ways to #stayhome with witchcraft.

Take advantage of this strange experience and make the most of the super weird world we find ourselves in right now.  It’s a great time to deepen your practice, expand your knowledge and live with sacred intention.

Try a knitting spell.

Knitting!  Not just for grandmother.  The current situation made knitting cool again.

As it gains momentum, put your own spin on this trendy moment by using your knitting skills for spell craft.

Harness the focused energy of your knitting project by picking an intention. 

For example, knit a blanket for your child to protect him from nightmares.  Choose an appropriate color (in that case, I like navy blue for nighttime protection), and then pick a chant. 

Make one up, or find a relevant lyric from a song or poem, and chant it with each stitch.  

Anoint with a few drops of an appropriate essential oil, and voila!

Host a virtual moon circle.

By now, most of you probably know how to use Zoom.  

Why not use it to hold a virtual moon circle?  

If you don’t already have a coven, start one!   It’s the perfect time.  Lots of people continue to search for ways to stay connected and bring together like-minded friends.

Get to know your tarot deck.

Learning tarot takes time.  Right now, you’ve probably got some.

If you happen to keep a deck lying around somewhere, the crisis presents a perfect opportunity to get to know the tarot.

Make some flashcards with 3 key words about each tarot deck.  Work with 10 at a time until you learn all of them.  Then, learn some basic spreads.  By the time this is over, you’ll be a fluent reader!

Work on your Book of Shadows.

I love a handwritten, hand-drawn Book of Shadows.  I return to mine over and over, noting my progress, laughing at my baby witch self navigating the ups and downs of my path in the Craft, and reflecting on how I plan to pass it down some day to future generations.

But during the rush of formally “normal” life, I rarely found time to work on mine.

Now, I relish the slow-living of this time to press flowers into my grimoire, record new recipes, and write my dreams.

Need some inspiration?  Here’s 53 writing prompts for your Book of Shadows.

Have a magical home spa day.

With everyone stuck mostly indoors, it’s easy to be confronted with the most neglected person in your life:  you.

Use your herbal skills to  DIY some magical bath products.

Or, try a green goddess facial.

It’s a truly refreshing way to #stayhome and #staybusy.

Catch up on witchy reads.

Got a backlog of witchcraft or natural living books you plan to read?

No time like the present.

And if you need some inspiration, Moody Moons regularly compiles witchy book recommendations with you in mind.

Explore poppet making.

Most of the craft and fabric stores shuttered their doors with everyone else.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to choose fabric in person, where I can see the true colors and feel it between my fingers.

So I’ve turned to projects that make the most of my ridiculously large pile of scrap fabric.

Poppet making is a pretty scrappy project that you can customize for a lot of different purposes, from love spells to anxiety-soothing poppets to poppets made for an enhanced dream life.

Learn to kitchen witch.

Most of us spend a lot of time in our kitchens these days.

Make use of this time by learning the basics of kitchen witchcraft.

Whip up some love spell cookies for your significant other or toast the sunset in your backyard with a purple fairy cocktail.

Or, create something magical of your own!

Indulge in intentional nature walks.

Getting out of the house is essential, and going to the grocery store 3 times a day defeats the whole point of #stayhome.

Right now, even most jurisdictions with full lock down orders allow for outdoor exercise.  

Assuming yours does, make the most of it by heading over to a park or wild area and going on a nature walk with magic in mind.

Learn your local plant life, commune with nature, leave offerings in the woods, or find other ways to make your time outdoors a sacred experience.

Try cloud scrying.

Take a step outside, even if it’s just on your balcony, and look up at the clouds.

Cloud scrying is a form of divination that is free, naturally occurring and probably something you remember doing as a child on a lazy summer day.

Rediscover the art, share it with your children and experience the peace and beauty of staring up at the sky.

Blessed be and #stayhome!!

9 Witchy Ideas to #stayhome and stay busy!  From knitting spells to online coven and moon circles, being stuck inside need not impede your progress in the Craft!

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