Spirit Boxes and Mini Shrines

I started this project as a way to pay homage to the many religious and spiritual traditions that have inspired me in my travels around the world.

An interfaith approach blessed me with many experiences that shaped me as a practitioner.

Naturally, there is no way to encompass the knowledge, wisdom and even failings of any given tradition in a tiny box.  Rather than trying to capture the whole, I focused on small aspects to honor in this art project.

Mini shrines are great if you’re traveling, or simply looking for a visual way to express your own unique spiritual perspective.


Altar to Shiva (Hindu).  My favorite part of this one is the (faux) fruit offering, which fit perfectly!  The border symbolizes prayer beads.

Altar to Aphrodite/Venus (Hellenism/Roman Pantheon)  

Mini Shrine (Element of Water)
Element of Water in a box.  (Various traditions).  You may remember this one featured on a recent post about my sea witch altar.

Love Spell Altar (Wicca).  The red roses are associated with love spells and rituals in the Wiccan tradition.  The key represents the “key to the heart.”

Ostara altar.  (Neopaganism/Various)  I made this one as an altar piece for the Spring Equinox early this year.

Altar to St. Cecilia.  (Catholic/Eastern Orthodox).  St.Cecilia is the Patron Saint of Music.  My favorite part of this altar is the tiny dollhouse violin.

You can get these little wood boxes at the craft store.  The possibilities are endless.   Try it!



  1. Love these – what a great idea.
    Shared to my page (lots of witches and Pagans on there) – with your name on it. Thankyou for posting such great info ! Xxx

  2. This is great! I really love the “Element of Water in a box”. That was adorable. I think I might make one for the element of earth.

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